montecarlo3.jpg (90590 octets)It will be for a long time the favorite car of the private crews. Competitive and simple to prepare as to repair, Kadett GTE conquered numerous places of honor on all the grounds during a long period. In group 4, Kadett GT E would have been able to become the most victorious of the cars of rally of the 70s, but it was often insufficiently prepared and quickly retired.

Kadett GTE of series was presented in Frankfort 1975. It was a coupé dedicated to a sports use. Smaller and lighter than Ascona A, she possessed very good basic characteristics.
After a period of development, an 16 valves engine was used in group 4. He was equipped with carburettors or an injection and developed 225 PS.

In 1975 the Kadett GTE was engaged for the first time in group 4 on San Remo Rally. The Team of Russelheim let the steering Wheel at the new European champion Walter Rörhl. Unfortunately, this first rally was not without problems (with brakes) and Röhrl can't see the end of this rally.

rac75.jpg (128181 octets)In november 3 Kadett was engaged to the RAC Rally 
[see the video] with Walter Rörhl, Anders Kullang and Rauno Aaltonen, but this test turned fast in the disaster for Opel when the 3 cars retired  with mecanicals problems.

montecarlo5.jpg (196331 octets)This reverse was fast forgotten when in 1976 Walter Rörhl ended 4th in the Rally Monte Carlo, only anticipated by the pilots of the Lancia Stratos:
Munari, Waldegard and Darniche.


russelheim.jpg (2796652 octets)Since the Kadett GTE became extremely popular with the private pilots, the cars of factory in group 4 underwent on the other hand a long series of defeats. Rörhl, Kullang, and the other pilots As Altonenn and Mikola did not go very far. During at least 4 years they were overcome by the problems. At the beginning of the season 1978, the engine 16 air valves not being approved any more, cars were of used in group 2 (for Wambold) and in group 1 (for Kullang) and had some successes in world championship.

To the prize list, we shall raise the Tony Pond's fourth place in the RAC on 1975, the Walter Röhrl's fourth place in Montecarlo on 1976, the third place of Méqépe in Portugal 1976, the second of Danielsson in the Rally of Sweden 1977, the third of Kullang in Quebec 1978. Such will have been the pauses of her career in World championship.

But it is in the national and European championships that Opel Kadett GTE marked the rallies of her presence. From certain tests, it was not rare to see around thirty on the list of the engaged, what testifies, we shall admit it, of a real popularity.

Ascona 400 will succeed her in World championship, and, in a lesser degree, in the heart of the private pilots.



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